Be courteous to all, but intimate to few, And let those few be well tried before you give them you confidence. -George Washington.

Throughout my highschool years, I have been tested by destiny to know who my real friends are. Too bad I haven’t found one. For four years, I fought for the wrong people. I had so many mistakes that I badly want to go back to that time where I should’ve listem to what my parents told me. 

If I were given I chance, I want to have a bestfriend. I don’t have a bestfriend. I want to have someone, someone I can be me, someone who understand my shortcomings, my moodswing, my flaws. If only there’s someone. If only I could go back.

It is so hard for me to trust somebody, and it made me cry everytime I am left out. I am hoping,someday, someone will be there. 



A little something for myself. :D

It is always been a dream for me making a blog. Then someone younger inspired me. I actually got no idea on this stuff.

But I think of this as a Little some for myself. Here, I can tell what goes in my mind, what actually is in my heart.

I always want to share some special days I got on the following days… For you, you know who you are, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING ME A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR MY SELF